Elegant design from Elinno Design

Elinno design combines the best of Chinese tradition with the latest Scandinavian design. Chinese philosophy and craft skills, as well as the pure simplicity of Nordic nature are the main sources of the design. The idea of mix & match was one of the leading ones, when Elinno designers Liang Liang and Anni Paunila planned the Elinno 2010 collection. Each design forms an unique world of its own, but can also be matched together with the other designs in the collection. The patterns, the colours and even the smallest details are designed to make a perfect match. This makes it possible to freely choose items from different ranges and create a personal combination of your own. So why pick only one? I want them all, just to make a statment at the breakfast table: be playfull, be happy! It will soon be available in Norway, until then keep an eye on their Facebook page.

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2 kommentarer:

  1. Oh such lovely design. Mixed look the mugs also very good. I like it!

  2. Du vet jeg digger det!! Super inspirasjon og supre tekopper!! :D