Un monde parfait

Sweet, sweet Leigha from the blog Elle oh had this post about La Maison Pujol in France today. Honestly, I regret that I skipped French classes at school. How stupid is it possible to be? Imagine if I could wander around this wonderful place, with Vogue under my arm and a glass campagne in my hand, chatting with those that came my way and just pretend that this was a was a life I was accustomed to live ... This breathtaking interior....I could live here, every day. Thanks lovely Leigha, you did my regular Wednesday into a wonderful Wednesday evening.

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5 kommentarer:

  1. Det soverommet ville jeg hatt :)

  2. arghhh why on earth did you skip frenc classes.. it is so nice to be able to talk with the french while being there.. although nowadays many talk english to ;)

  3. Oui, j'adore! Så vakkert...
    PS! Oh, gleder meg til pakken kommer :)

  4. My dear, I will meet you there. We can sip our champagne and pretend to speak French while we adore every little detail!

    Have a gorgeous day,


  5. Vilken fin blogg! Och vilken fin tidning ni har gjort. Julkänslan infann sig direkt.